Welcome to Evolotus, a public relations agency working for a better world.

Evolotus serves clients in socially beneficial industries such as health, wellness, spirituality, documentary films, green technologies, animal advocacy, and vegan foods. Our mission is to help like-minded people and businesses tell their story, gain visibility and generate sales to in turn create a better, more sustainable and peaceful world.

We chose the name "Evolotus" because it combines the concept of scientific evolution with the symbolism of the lotus, which represents purity, enlightenment, and spiritual growth.

We believe that as individuals and as a Western society we are charged with continually evolving into more spiritual life forms. In order to progress and survive as a species on the planet, we must take evolutionary and spiritual steps toward seeing the unified, interconnected nature of life.

The Iroquois have a similar concept of "seventh generation" sustainability. They believed that every choice one makes today impacts the next seven generations. While on the surface this is considered more relevant to environmental concerns, we also see it as germane to choices we make about our health, diet, emotional wellness, social institutions, political representation and our spiritual and cultural beliefs.

Our clients understand this mission and their products and services support it.

Evolotus Public Relations