Evolotus principals Gary Smith and Kezia Jauron have decades of experience in advertising, marketing, and public relations for a range of clients and products. They left the profitable world of corporate high-tech PR to create Evolotus in 2006. Gary and Kezia have worked together since 1998, and have been married since 2002.

Gary focuses on media relations and account management. Kezia produces most written content and strategic planning. One clear advantage of working with Evolotus is that clients always work with a company principal, and all work is produced by a company principal. Clients are never pawned off on a junior-level staffer or trainee without any seasoning or expertise, and the chain of communication, accountability and follow-through is never broken.

Evolotus values strong and lasting relationships with clients. It is important to create open lines of communication where both parties feel comfortable sharing their perspectives. Evolotus and its clients share the same goal: to get the word out about a particular product or service in a way that serves the client as well as the world at large.

Evolotus Public Relations