Knowing how to best tell your story is key to working with journalists. Our clients fall outside of the mainstream, some quite far outside. Some operate in opposition to the advertisers that support most media companies today, such as pharmaceutical companies and fast food chains.

Our greatest strength is "translating" our client's message into a language that is understandable to the media, and into a story. Doing so requires us to be fluent in our native tongue as vegans, animal activists, political progressives, environmentalists, yoga practitioners, spiritual seekers and conscious consumers - and fluent in the language of the mainstream.

Evolotus also has a reputation for representing clients that are working for a better world, so journalists know that when we approach them, we have something important to communicate. We don't just promote; we educate the market and the public, we raise awareness, we make people think and feel differently than they did before.

Evolotus Public Relations