Kezia and Gary have been nothing but amazing. Their strategic insights and knowledge of the food tech landscape have helped superpower our PR pushes. We’ve had better reach and with better outlets than ever before. They’re organized, efficient, and understand what cuts through the noise. Plus we have a great time with them. They feel part of the family now and we trust them immensely.”

Dr. Johnny Drain
Co-Founder and CTO, WNWN Food Labs

We highly recommend Gary and Kezia to any startup food tech companies. Their advice is backed by experience with both plant-based and high-tech clients, a valuable combination for companies in our segment. The publicity and visibility they achieved for us were extremely important at our launch and funding stages, and as we move from R&D company to full commercialization. Plus, they are so fun to work with!”

Anne Palermo
CEO and Co-Founder, Aqua Cultured Foods

In my career, I have worked with too many PR firms to count, in multiple scenarios; as a professional athlete, as a journalist and commentator for NBC, and as a non-profit founder. PR can be a tricky and elusive business. But I was recently wowed and absolutely awestruck at the remarkable work and dedication to our goal from Gary and Kezia at Evolotus PR. Gary and Kezia are a dream team. They are sharp as heck, honest, calculating, ballsy, hardworking, brilliant curators and most of all they shoot straight and give excellent advice and direction throughout the life of the campaign. I will be hiring them again and again and again.”

Dotsie Bausch
Executive Director, Switch4Good

Evolotus was a huge part of our successful launch onto the public market. This strategy resulted in front page newspaper articles and a plethora of interviews and exposure for us. I would highly recommend any plant-based or vegan company use their services!”

James McInnes
Co-Founder and CEO, Odd Burger/Globally Local

Gary and Kezia are both passionate about creating a better world but also tremendously effective at gaining top-shelf publicity. I was astounded how much coverage they garnered for Tofurky in such a short amount of time. They flat-out rock.”

Seth Tibbott
Founder and Chairman, The Tofurky Company

The team at Evolotus put the ‘P’ in PR with their unmatched passion and persistence. Their commitment and dedication to the issues they seek to gain mainstream exposure for – such as animal rights – sets them apart from others in the PR field.”

Milo (Nathan) Runkle
Executive Director, Mercy For Animals

After a year of the media ignoring our case, I contacted Gary and Kezia on a Sunday afternoon, who reviewed the facts of the case with me. By that evening, Evolotus had generated and distributed a press release that had the media salivating, by Monday morning my phone was ringing off the hook, and by Tuesday there was not a single major media outlet in our state which had not made the case headline news. Simply put, Gary and Kezia are miracle workers. I have no doubt that the public interest and support generated by Evolotus was responsible for the success of our case, which exponentially improved the lives of literally tens of thousands of our state residents. Their hard work and dedication certainly helped secure a win when our case was argued before the Supreme Court, and on June 26, 2015, marriage equality became the law of the land “

Dana Nessel
54th Attorney General of Michigan and attorney, National Marriage Challenge

Most publicity agents only chase corporate dollars, so it was a pleasure to work with PR professionals who stand by their ethical values. Passion aside, they know what they’re doing, and get results. Their strategic contribution to our campaign helped make it a great success.”

Andy Bichlbaum
Co-founder, The Yes Men

Evolotus thinks outside the box and comes up with great strategies to get coverage in a mainstream media universe that often seems impenetrable. Aside from being fun to work with, Evolotus honchos Kezia and Gary are mission-driven and get results. I would highly recommend them.”

Jane Velez-Mitchell
President, UnChainedTV

Evolotus PR has undoubtedly been the single most amazing asset to Beagle Freedom Project! Not only are the principals amazing human beings, easy to deal with and incredibly professional, their heart is in it and they deliver. Since the inception of Beagle Freedom Project, Evolotus has been able to achieve monumental recognition in the media for our work.”

Shannon Keith
Founder, Beagle Freedom Project

Filmmakers know that Evolotus PR works to create a groundswell of support from the people who will embrace your film, as well as strategically bring the project to the broader mainstream media. Evolotus successfully helped both of our documentaries follow this arc of building a key community, attracting mainstream attention, and exploding.”

Kip Andersen
Filmmaker, ‘Cowspiracy’ and ‘What the Health?’

The work provided by Evolotus was not only life-changing, but allowed us to push forward and enact animal-saving legislation. They represented us for the Los Angeles Fur Ban, which passed, allowing us to push the legislative effort statewide. They highlighted our work in Yulin, and brought the atrocities of the dog meat trade to the mainstream. Gary and Kezia have been the voice of balance when it comes to guiding us through animal welfare matters, and have provided the most amazing media and public relations press coverage opportunities. Without their work, some of the accomplishments our Foundation made would have never been achieved.”

Marc Ching
Founder, Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation and Animal Hope in Legislation

Gary Smith and Kezia Jauron at Evolotus are a fantastic team and I love working with them. Their communications are smart, direct, strategic, friendly, and precise. They are quick, insightful, and passionate about their work and animal advocacy. It was a total pleasure working with them.”

Jo-Anne McArthur
Photojournalist and Executive Director, We Animals Media and We Animals Archive

Gary and Kezia get the job done. I am thrilled to have had the support of such a great team. They were accessible, timely, tenacious, and most importantly, they achieved results – both locally and nationwide. That kind of backing is invaluable, and hard to come by in the cookie-cutter PR industry. I recommend Evolotus over any big firm for the customized attention my campaign received under Gary and Kezia’s care.”

Ruby Roth
Artist and Author, That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals and Vegan Is Love

I have worked with many PR folks over the several decades doing animal protection work, but I have never worked with such an incredibly talented and committed team as Gary and Kezia. If you are considering hiring Evolotus – do NOT hesitate. They are creative thinkers, know the news media market, committed, and just plain super folks. Animal Place received international media coverage on a hen rescue. I just wish I knew about Evolotus years ago. They are the best – and they walk the talk!”

Kim Sturla
Executive Director and Cofounder, Animal Place

FARM’s event on World Farm Animals Day was the largest and most reported event on behalf of farmed animals in my 37-year history of working on their behalf. Gary and Kezia from Evolotus PR did an outstanding job of bringing out the media.”

Alex Hershaft
Founder and President, FARM (Farm Animal Rights Movement)

Evolotus PR helped raise awareness about our film by connecting us to important contacts and media.”

Brian Wendel
Founder and President, Forks Over Knives

The best business decision we ever made at Vegan Wines was to hire the Evolotus team to be our voice in promoting us in harmony of love for animals and wines. It was the perfect pairing. Cheers!”

Frances Gonzalez
Founder and Owner, Vegan Wines

Just one year ago I had a grand vision to create The Pollination Project which was just getting beyond the planning stage. Key to our future success was getting the word out to changemakers that we wanted to fund their efforts in the world. You would think that giving out money would be easy. Guess again! We were having trouble finding qualified grantees. Through the efforts of Evolotus, and within our first three months together, our project was featured on Fox News both nationally and locally, Philanthropy Journal, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Yoga Journal, VegNews, The Boston Globe, Parade Magazine, Woman’s Day, and more. Now, we don’t even require publicity in order to attract enough grantees to give out one grant each day. The word has gotten out. Knowing how valuable a resource Evolotus has been for us, we now utilize their services to support our best grantees so that they can get the publicity they deserve. I could go on and on, and give many examples displaying the remarkable speed with which Gary and Kezia attract the media to a worthwhile story (as well as how media folks have relayed back to me the personal touch Evolotus brings to their outreach).”

Ari Nessel
Founder and President, The Pollination Project

Evolotus were great to work with and helped with many great press leads in the nutrition and natural health field, thanks guys!”

James Colquhoun
Producer/Director, ‘Food Matters’

Gary and Kezia of Evolotus PR inspire trust and confidence, immediately, and then they deliver beyond expectation. They drummed up a groundswell of animal-related media support across the U.S. in support of our Oscar Qualifying U.S. Theatrical Release from October through December 2013. I will also add that Gary and Kezia are wonderful humans who care about the world, and this motivates their work. Par excellence.”

Liz Marshall
Filmmaker, The Ghosts In Our Machine

Kezia and Gary were super-helpful in reaching out to the media when we were announcing the formation of the Whale Sanctuary Project. Our mission was to create a seaside sanctuary where orcas and beluga whales can be retired from entertainment facilities to an environment that’s as close as possible to their natural habitat. We needed to reach many different audiences: from general animal protection to wildlife to whale-watchers to marine biologists and other scientists to families with children. The team at Evolotus understood exactly what we needed, and helped us craft a message that covered all bases and would reach all necessary audiences. They did this quickly and efficiently, and were instrumental in setting us up well for the road ahead. I’ve worked with many PR agencies over the decades, and it was a pleasure and a relief to be working with people who specialize in animal protection and know what they’re doing.”

Michael Mountain
Co-founder, the Whale Sanctuary Project/Past President and Co-founder of Best Friends Animal Society

Because of the incredible efforts of Gary and Kezia, our first investigation release was the top news story on every major Canadian TV outlet. Their additional work secured coverage by leading print and radio outlets, keeping the plight of Canada’s pigs in the news for a full week. Working with them was a breeze – they’re organized, professional and share our ethics to protect all animals. I will be referring their services to animal protection organizations widely.”

Twyla Francois
Director of Investigations, Mercy For Animals Canada

Gary and Kezia at Evolotus PR are more than PR people – they became friends and team members who really understand the impact of the One Life Alliance message to make a positive difference in these times. During the height of our first media blast, they kept us organized and informed every step of the way. They are compassionate professionals with just the right skills to get the job done.”

Kia Scherr
President, One Life Alliance

I cannot be more thankful that we chose to work with Evolotus, they know this market so well. Gary and Kezia played a major role in many crucial decision makings we had along the way. Finally a noble company with integrity and professionalism that delivered results above and beyond our expectations.”

Shira Lane
Filmmaker, ‘Got the facts on Milk?’

Evolotus is brilliant. Like magic, they got us into some huge national publications including winning The Next Big Idea from Martha Stewart. If you are looking for a team to believe in your mission and help you get incredible results, I highly recommend them.”

Max Simon
Get Selfcentered Meditation

PR has been an important tool to generate public interest and media attention for legal actions in a variety of animal welfare areas, such as our successful effort to prevent America’s horses from being slaughtered for food. I appreciate every opportunity to work with Kezia and Gary for our joint clients, and for the movement.”

Bruce Wagman
Of Counsel, Riley Safer Holmes & Cancila LLP

Our small organization’s first national campaign was a huge success and we have Evolotus to thank for that. Finally, rattlesnake roundups were covered in regional, national, and international media as controversial rather than family fun. We will definitely use them in the future and I recommend them every chance I get.”

Melissa Amarello
Co-founder and Executive Director, Advocates for Snake Preservation

Gary and Kezia are a pleasure to work with, and their passion for their work is contagious! They were able to provide us with many marketing opportunities we would not have been able to get otherwise, from full-page reviews and articles, to radio interviews and speaking engagements. I highly recommend Evolotus PR for anyone wanting to promote their event or product to a more environmentally conscious audience.”

Dan Boissy
Owner, Vegin’ Out

My partnership with Evolotus helped me and my business achieve international recognition, and took us to an entirely new strategic level. Gary and Kezia committed the time to understanding my message, refining it, and ensuring that it was delivered to the right people. I recommend them without reservation.”

Neil Sattin
The Natural Dog Blog